The Queensland Premier has told councils in the state to find their own ways of funding infrastructure, encouraging them not to rely on federal or state allowance.

An independent survey has been undertaken to find out how people feel about corruption, misconduct and maladministration in councils.

Today is day one of the prestigious Local Government Association of South Australia’s Annual General meeting, bringing together interested parties from across the state to discuss the progress and direction of local councils.

The Australian Government has paid the rest of the account in order to bring the hull of the historic vessel City of Adelaide back to its home shores.

The Australian Government is urging residents across the nation to immerse themselves in National Water Week, and be inundated with a greater appreciation of water-related issues.

The man responsible for Australia’s water-related issues is heading to meetings in one of the most contentious areas this week.

As NSW experiences one of the worst fire seasons in decades, WorkCover NSW has waived the five-day asbestos removal notification to allow immediate clean-ups.

The South Australian Government has announced a whopping $36 billion project to upgrade roads, rail, port and public transport.

Queensland Premier Campbell Newman plans for his state to be the export point for hundreds of millions of tonnes of resources per year, by way of developments at five of its existing ports.

A report has had a new look at the rates of sexually transmissible and blood-borne infection in Australia, showing an increase in HIV diagnoses among other findings.

There is a possibility that the Western Australian government will back down on its pledge to remove the ability of ratepayers to veto council mergers.

Reports have emerged praising the streamlining and cost-cutting possibilities of cloud computing facilities for government sectors, with results in Britain showing the public sector can reach efficiency goals through better software.

The General Manager of the Narrabri Shire Council has resigned to retire his Brazilian farm and help out with flood relief.

Changes have been approved by the Victorian Parliament, redrawing the state’s electoral district boundaries.

Over one thousand voluntary redundancies will be made as the Western Australian government rolls ahead on its cost-cutting public sector contraction

The New South Wales Independent Local Government Review Panel (ILGRP) has nearly finished its report on the state of play for local governance, with council amalgamation recommendations seeming quite likely.

Victorians will soon have to damage their skin and invite melanoma the traditional way, with the State Government introducing legislation to ban the solarium.

The Tasmanian Integrity Commission says public servants need to be better equipped in order to avoid the allure of corruption.

The person in charge of water in the new Federal Government has attended meetings with irrigators, who are concerned that changes to water rights and protocols could leave them inundated, rather than irrigated.

A workplace dispute is unfolding after budget cuts led to the sacking of a senior public servant in South Australia.

The former mayor of Detroit has been sentenced to 28 years in prison for a long string of corruption charges.

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