One town has been left so parched by drought conditions that it is trucking-in water every day.

A group has been formed comprising community members who want to maintain their power to veto local council mergers.

Inspectors have been called in to have a look into transparency in Victoria’s Latrobe City Council tender process.

A survey suggests concerns about affordable public housing bringing down property values and generally ruining the neighbourhood may be unfounded.

Many are still sore from having the referendum to recognise local governments ripped away just before it happened, but councils are now gearing-up to ensure they are not forgotten in upcoming state elections.

The Prime Minister has announced a review of Australia’s Indigenous Training and Employment initiatives, to be led by former Fortescue CEO Andrew Forrest.

There is concern today from the National Irrigators Council, who are pushing to stop part of the Murray River being listed as “critically endangered”.

The Victorian Government has reopened a freight line that was so deteriorated it had not carried trains for the last six years.

New legislation is on the way in New South Wales, with the state government taking over registration and reporting on swimming pools.

Protections have been put in place to cover over 90 per cent of dwellings from any new coal seam gas activity in New South Wales.

Authorities are working on a proposal for an Indigenous Centre for Excellence in Broken Hill, which would help create and propagate Indigenous culture, business and ideas.

Australia’s DNA database for police investigation is being expanded so it can help plot family lines after crime and disasters.

Legal experts have picked apart the issues and implications for council employment deals under de-amalgamation.

The Federal Government may delay its decision over whether to allow an American firm to buy out one of the country’s most prominent grain companies.

A fist has allegedly been thrown across the levels of Tasmanian Government - with a regional councillor accusing the Deputy Premier of punching him in the face.

Ratepayers across Queensland have just a few weeks left to put a price tag on their politicians.

A Shire Council has put together a draft Mining and Extractive Industries Policy, which seeks to protect landowners who do not want coal seam gas wells on their property.

An election has been held for the presidency of the New South Wales Local Government association, which included the high-profile candidacy of the Prime Minister’s sister.

The Snowy River Shire Council is considering the implications of recent climate change reports, which show the shire’s key industries could melt away.

No one will be enjoying the unseasonably warm weather on NSW’s north coast more than the blue-green algae, with residents warned to look out for blooming populations in rivers and streams.

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