Energy Minister Angus Taylor is being criticised for obfuscation and opacity on a number of important matters.

Regional Express has secured funding to double flights to regional and remote areas.

South Australia is lifting its ban on genetically-modified crops, but councils still have a choice.

A new agreement should provide flexibility for Queensland council staff.

A NSW government minister appears to be thwarting plans to fast-track major projects during COVID-19.

The leaders of Australia’s COVID-19 sewage surveillance scheme have given more details on their plan.

The NSW Homicide Squad is investigating 21 deaths connected to the Ruby Princess cruise ship.

WA Police has deployed a mobile tracking app to locate officers in real-time.

A new set of principles has been created to guide changes to planning systems during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Council workers out of work due to COVID-19 have been told they will not qualify for the Federal Government's JobKeeper payments.

A New South Wales council has decided not to cut ties with its Chinese sister city, and will apologise for attempting to.

A new database shows Australia’s threatened mammal numbers have declined by more than a third since the 1990s.

The Murray-Darling's ‘top cop’ says protests over water access last year were directed at the wrong government.

Experts have taken a deep dive into the scientific and social impacts of droughts; past, present and future.

The Federal Government has put up $5 million for researchers to study the health impacts of bushfires.

A PFAS class action involving more than 40,000 Australians has been launched against the Department of Defence.

Alarm has been raised about high rates of antibiotic use among Aboriginal kids in remote communities.

Experts say a steep drop in power use could lead to system overload and blackouts in WA.

The West Australian Government has announced the next step in the $218 million redevelopment of an old power plant.

The Federal Government is attempting to calm privacy fears over its new contact tracing app.

Every flush of the toilet could soon play a role in tracking and stemming the spread of COVID-19.

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