Councils have welcomed proposed changes to Federal rules that would make producers of electronics more responsible for dealing with their products at the end of their life.

Queensland councils have successfully lobbied for a $200 million increase to the COVID-19 Works for Queensland program.

The Closing the Gap goals have been changed.

A $250 million project for Ipswich’s CBD has been approved following ten years of slow-going.

Experts say the Northern Territory's drinking water legislation needs an urgent overhaul.

There is an alarming inequity of Aboriginal water rights in NSW.

A new study has again shown that fluoridated water is linked to fewer cases of severe tooth cavities.

SA Water has been testing for COVID-19 in wastewater.

Instead of helping with expensive renovations, the Federal Government is being urged to build social housing.

A remote patch of WA scrubland has been added to the National Heritage List in order to protect some truly ancient crystals.

New modelling of World War II typhus infections reveals how public health interventions eradicated the disease.

Australian researchers are looking at the new data required for the next age of transport.

A big energy spend is included in WA’s $2.7 billion economic stimulus.

New funding should help Victorian council staff call out gender-based violence.

Mandatory training for all people considering nominating for council elections in Victoria has been moved online.

Queensland councils have launched new awards to recognise anti-violence leadership.

A NSW Government body has recommended a more flexible rates system for councils.

Council staff have been invited to participate in the formation of South Australia’s new road safety strategy.

SA Water is pushing to make tap water more accessible to the public.

Victorian dairy farmers are flying the Eureka flag in a fight against rising water prices.

A federal review of Australia’s key environmental law has called for a new independent regulator to be created.

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