Managing Psychosocial Risk in Public Sector Workplaces

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Event date: 22nd & 23rd March 2021

Event description

As the world of work is rapidly transforming through automation, technological advancement and global competition, job demands are shifting from being physical in nature to more cognitively demanding. While established organisations have decades of experience in managing physical hazards, many are less prepared to confidently ensure a psychologically safe work environment.

Never has this been clearer than during the COVID-19 pandemic, as work has shifted online and out of the office, bringing a new set of mental health challenges.

Join leading researcher & consultant psychologist Dr Tessa Bailey at the Managing Psychosocial Risk in Public Sector Workplaces digital workshop, taking place over 2 half days, on 22nd & 23rd March 2021.

What you will take away by attending this workshop:

  • Knowledge and capability to apply psychosocial risk prevention practices in your organisation
  • Understanding of the benefits of implementing systems for psychosocial hazard management
  • Plans and advice to implement a psychosocial risk assessment and identify priority targets
  • Evidence based approaches and skills to utilise the Psychosocial Safety Climate (PSC) Framework for best practice psychosocial risk assessment and intervention design

Attendance is capped at 20 participants to facilitate interactivity and give each attendee the opportunity to have 1-1 discussions with the facilitator and receive personalised feedback and insights.

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