New Approaches to Legislative Reform conference
 21 - 22 November 2017

Legislative reform can be politically driven and difficult and lengthy to implement. Governments today are exploring how legislation can be used more wisely and the benefits and pitfalls of using legislative versus non legislative approaches to achieve desired policy objectives.

Speakers from state and federal departments and agencies will share practical examples of the processes behind legislative reform and the challenges of operating in the political context.

Attend the New Approaches to Legislative Reform Conference to

  • Know when legislation is the best tool
  • Take the right approach to legislation
  • Balance & measure the needs & desires of stakeholders
  • Discuss modern legislative reform & the political context
  • Achieve a consistent approach to national legislation
  • Discover new ways to effectively engage and consult

Who will attend? State and federal government departments & agencies, law reform agencies and government bodies from the following areas:

  • Legal & Governance
  • Legislation
  • Reform
  • Policy
  • Regulation

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