The 4th Annual Emergency Services, Enforcement and Defence Leadership Summit 2017


In order to lead effectively in the realm of Emergency Services, Enforcement and Defence, you must be well-equipped with a variety of skill sets ranging from both the technical aspects of the role to the leadership attributes necessary to successfully support your team and organisational needs. By preparing yourself for the ever-changing and complex challenges of this space, leaders can adjust to unexpected scenarios, respond to time-constrained situations and constructively handle high-pressure and stressful environments. The 4th Annual Emergency Services, Enforcement and Defence LeadershipSummit 2017 delves into the multifaceted and varied obstacles that leaders within this role face, and practical ways on how to overcome these challenges. This event will provide both emerging and existing leaders with valuable, real-life leadership experiences and offer inspirational and innovative techniques on how to enhance your operational capabilities and drive organisational change.

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  • Refine crisis management for organisational excellence 
  • Lead a changing workforce that anticipates challenges 
  • Enhance resilience and durability under pressure 
  • Increase capabilities and team readiness

Featured speakers include:

  • Brigadier Chris Field Commander 3rd Brigade Australian Army
  • Air Commodore Kevin McEvoy Deputy Commander Joint Forces New Zealand New Zealand Defence Force
  • Catherine Burn APM Deputy Commissioner, Specialist Operations NSW Police Force
  • Dominic Lane Commissioner ACT Emergency Services
  • Michael Morgan Deputy Chief Officer South Australian Metropolitan Fire Service
  • Debra Abbott Assistant Commissioner State Emergencies and Security Command Victoria Police
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