It has been a significant week for Port Macquarie-Hastings Council, with the Mayor having lost her bid to call an early election, and the GM resigning.

Mayor Peta Pinson moved a minute at the Council meeting this week, asking the general manager to urge Local Government Minister Shelly Hancock to consider an election as soon as possible.

The Mayor spoke out about alleged bullying and harassment over the course of several years.

“It was clear to me, the community and myself, we're going to be subjected to this behaviour for a longer period of time,” Cr Pinson told the ABC.

“My mayoral minute was a flare for help.”

But during the session, Deputy Mayor Lisa Intemann said it was very difficult to understand the Mayor’s allegations without examples, and suggested the grievances should have been aired in private.

Councillors then voted in support of a motion that called on the general manager to provide access to appropriate external professional advice and support for council members.

The mayor voted against the motion.

“I do not trust that the person that will be put in that role is going to be able to do that job,” Cr Pinson said.

“Councillors have no desire to work with me as the Mayor; there is no respect for the role.”

Following this, Craig Swift-McNair announced he will step down as general manager next month as he has been appointed general manager of the Woollahra Council in Sydney.

The mayoral minute and the general manager’s resignation came on consecutive days, but the events do not appear to be related to each other.