The South Australian government may launch a review of power price hikes by AGL, Origin Energy, and Energy Australia.

The Government says it wants to know if reasons given for the spike in electricity prices rise can be justified.

All three major retailers announced that fees would increase from July 1.

From next financial year, the average increase for customers consuming 5 megawatt-hours will be $228 for AGL customers, $117 for Origin Energy customers, and $261 for Energy Australia customers.

The companies all claim that the closure of the Port Augusta power station and other coal and gas supply issues are the reasons for slugging customers more.

SA Treasurer Tom Koutsantonis wants the Essential Services Commission of South Australia (ECOSA) to assess the justification of the announcements.

“These electricity price increases from AGL, Origin, and Energy Australia add significantly to cost of living pressures on affected customers,” Mr Koutsantonis said.

“In light of the community concern over the price increases it is important that customers are presented with independent advice on whether or not the reasons given for them are justified.”