Building Resilience for Public Sector Leaders Masterclass


July + August 2021



Pete Clark
Resilience & High Performance Facilitator & Coach
21 Whispers


In an ongoing climate of disruption and change, today’s leaders are facing an increasing volume of new challenges, difficult decisions and changing circumstances. To successfully navigate through times of uncertainty while leading a high performing team, you need to be adaptable, proactive, and most importantly, resilient.

Building resilience is crucial to successfully navigating challenges and imbuing others with courage and conviction. It begins with your ability to meet adversity, setbacks and challenges and recover from them with a view to learning and growth. Resilient leaders have the ability to sustain their energy levels under pressure, to cope with disruptive changes and to adapt accordingly. But while leaders must cultivate resilience in themselves in order to advance and thrive, they also need to cultivate it in their teams to ensure they reap the same benefits and to maintain a sustainable culture of high performance.

Designed for leaders of complex or large teams, this masterclass will give you the tools to proactively build resilience in yourself, your leadership, and the people you lead so you can reach new levels of sustainable high performance.

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Key Takeaways

  • Cultivate resilience in yourself to seize opportunities for growth
  • Become a more resilient leader to navigate challenges and make better decisions in complex situations
  • Build resilience in your team to create a sustainable culture of high performance
  • Develop a mindset of learning, growth, agility and adaptability

Who should attend?

This course is designed for public sector leaders of complex or large teams. This course will cover some of the foundational concepts of resilience and will then delve deeper into how to apply resilience in your leadership and your team. This masterclass is appropriate for leaders with a foundational knowledge of resilience, and is designed to upgrade the resilience of leaders and their ability to build resilience in their teams.

This masterclass is:

  • Led by a seasoned virtual facilitator and coach on the topic of resilience for leaders and teams
  • Highly interactive, engaging and practical: Gain personalised feedback, practical frameworks and a tailored action plan
  • Structured for maximum learning impact: Optimise learning and maximise your energy across multiple masterclass modules

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