A developer is being sued over dozens of “defects” in near-new Parramatta buildings. 

Apartment owners want to take developer Toplace to court over issues discovered after the buildings were completed less than three years ago.

The buildings’ body corporate lodged action in the Supreme Court against the developers just months after the Riviera apartment towers on River Road in West Parramatta were finished in mid-2018.

The body corporate claims over 40 types of defects were found. Court documents place the issues in six categories, including acoustic, fire and life safety, hydraulic, electrical and mechanical matters, as well as other general building defects like incorrectly installed doors, concrete wall panels, expansion joints as well as bathtubs, hand basins and toilets.

Toplace’s $260 million Skyview towers complex in Castle Hill is currently under review by its private certifier after concerns of alleged “defects”.

The Riviera and Skyview apartments are among more than a dozen projects built by Toplace in Sydney in the last decade.

Apartment owners from the Riviera towers are seeking damages, interest and costs as part of the building dispute claim.

The court has extended the time for the parties to enter into an informal settlement process to June 25, 2021, with the next hearing set down in the Supreme Court in early July.