A key government authority has said for the first time that the resources boom is winding down, at the same time as a new study says most Australians did not benefit from it.

The Alcohol and Other Drugs Council of Australia (ADCA) has placed itself in voluntary administration, after its funding was removed in a Federal Government attempt to save $1.5 million.

A member of the New South Wales Legislative Council says a loophole exists allowing unlimited amounts of money to be donated to candidates in local government elections, asking the Government to close “the backdoor”.

The referendum to recognise local government remains in a coma, but councils which paid into the Australian Local Government Association's (ALGA) bid for the vote will now be paid back.

A Victorian MP says if he is successful in an upcoming election, he will put the performance of the state’s local governments under close scrutiny.

The National Mental Health Commission says inadequate support is condemning mentally ill Australians to prison, because they cannot be cared for in the community.

The South Australian Regional Organisation of Councils (SAROC) is putting the final touches on its official election materials, aimed at ensuring regional areas are not neglected by candidates in the upcoming state election.

A 16-turbine wind farm will be built against the wishes of some residents, with the Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal (VCAT) ruling that wind farms do not cause health problems.

A new project has been launched to find out exactly how the values of people in rural areas are affected by land use conflicts caused by CSG drilling, wind farms, irrigation and agriculture.

The Gold Coast City Council may need some extra toilet training, after raw sewerage was accidentally spilled twice in less than a week.

The Australian Council of Trade Unions has proposed a re-assessment of certain visa rules, in an effort to help the very youngest members of the workforce.

The national secretary of the Transport Workers’ Union says the Federal Government plans to close the Road Safety Remuneration Tribunal, showing contempt for the hundreds of families affected by transport industry road deaths, and callous disregard for the many pressures that drivers face.

Legislation has been put before the House of Representatives which is intended to make it easier for business to work within the paid parental leave scheme.

Councils are considering a native title claim which would see stewardship transferred for a large portion of Australia’s east coast.

A study commissioned by the Australian Local Government Association says local councils around the country are underfunding the maintenance of their roads.

Queensland councils have taken hold of the reins on the state’s infrastructure and engineering advisory service.

The Mayor of Rockhampton has confirmed her belief that something will replace the Central Queensland Local Government Association (CQLGA), but it is not clear just what that will be.

As the Minerals Resource Rent Tax (MRRT) is collapsed by the Government’s repeal bill, the Minerals Council of Australia (MCA) has launched a report claiming it contributes billions to local communities regardless of the tax.

Legislation is making its way through the New South Wales Upper House to amend the Crown Lands Act, in an effort to protect licence agreements for hundreds of farmers.

Millions of dollars in funding has been put on hold by the change in federal government, and many community groups fear they will never see the money.

Changes to industrial relations laws have been called “WorkChoices for Queensland,” but the state’s Attorney-General says public servants’ entitlements will stay.

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