This course will enable you to prepare either a GRI Standards: ‘Core’ option report, or a GRI Standards: ‘Comprehensive’ option report.

ZOOiD and the training materials are certified by the Global Reporting Initiative. ZOOiD is celebrating its 10th year and is the longest serving GRI Certified Training Partner in Australia.

The laws relating to commercial contracts, procurement and corporate compliance are changing now faster than ever. Register now and listen to our resident expert on commercial contracts and procurement to gain an update on and insight to these important changes.

This one-day intensive delivers essential contract management strategies and risk minimisation techniques for private sector managers as well as officers of government departments and agencies.

During the day, you will look at a range of issues which arise in contract management, be guided through detailed case studies and be taken step-by-step through effective resolution strategies by way of up to 10 workshops and exercises.

Expert Discussion

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About one in five Australians live with PTSD. Living in a family unit with a sufferer from PTSD presents a challenge to partners and kids who all need help to deal with the challenges in their home life. Through a national conversation, involving many of the five million people affected by PTSD, not only can we make our own voices heard, but we might be able to get something done about creating the support needed to deal more effectively with the debilitating effects of PTSD on people’s lives.