Councils want the Federal Government to honour its commitment to include them in national cabinet.

Young people are driving regional migration to a five-year high, new analysis suggests.

A new report says “poor behaviour” in Victoria's local councils is preventing staff from doing their jobs properly.

Prime Minister Anthony Albanese has called on the Tasmanian government to “get on with” a Hobart development he helped fund when he was last in government a decade ago.

Australian cities have experienced a serious drop in global liveability rankings.

Conservationists are seeking to halt the $16 billion Scarborough gas project due to its risk to the Great Barrier Reef.

The Department of Defence says PFAS is continuing to spread.

South Australia Police says it will use the facial recognition capability of new security cameras despite a council’s request not to.

Western Australia has given a deadline for coal-fired power plants.

This week’s NSW state budget will include funding for people to travel from regional areas for medical treatment.

A former Sydney councillor accepted bribes from a Chinese developer in exchange for supporting ...

South Australian women are being encouraged to nominate in this year’s council elections.

The SA Government has denied allegations of pork-barrelling despite skipping a step in the provision of sports grants.

Feedback is being sought for NSW’s Inquiry into Conduct of Elections under COVID.

Twenty-two hectares of land formerly known as Fraser Island has been returned to traditional owners.

The Victorian Government says it will spend almost a billion dollars a year overhauling early childhood education and care.

A regional teacher shortage could increase disparity between students, experts warn.

The NT Government has been accused of trying to open up more areas to water extraction.

The World Meteorological Organization (WMO) says the ongoing La Niña event might persist into 2023.

The NSW Government says it will invest $1.2 billion over the next 10 years into renewable energy.

A Tasmanian council meeting this week turned into an ugly mess of chaos and threats.

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