Queensland schools will have to prove they are improving to secure federal funds.

The National Farmers’ Federation says it wants consumers to pay the right price, but does not want government to decide what that might be.

The Cancer Council says more should be done to reduce smoking rates in Australia’s most addicted state.

An online survey is seeking the views of bicyclists in the Northern Territory, in order to inform the construction of a biking network.

While many Australian councils are quite strapped for cash, a push for transparency in China has revealed trillions in local government debt.

The WA Local Government Association has moved into the “greenest of green” new place of business, saying it hopes to set the standard for others to follow.

Some authorities have accused Australian gas companies of cooking up a domestic gas crisis to pressure governments for more approvals.

The Federal Government is toying with the idea of removing regulation for charities and not-for-profits, hoping to hold them accountable through guilt instead of law.

An opposition spokesperson has warned an expanded work-for-the-dole program will probably not fix unemployment.

One of the key figures behind implementation of water policy in the Murray-Darling Basin has been awarded for her efforts.

The Victorian Government is talking to residents about their wishes for the state’s water plan, but many who want a say think the talks should be delayed.

A new program will take trainees across land and sea to learn how to care for both environments.

There may be no federal money for the proposed Needles Gap dam.

Reports by multiple Australian media outlets have shown a high level of corruption in construction, with several unions accused of handing lucrative contracts to criminals.

Some of the smaller players in the ACT electricity market want prices adjusted to improve competition.

Nearly a dozen people have been arrested while protesting at a mine site in New South Wales.

Almost $74 million will be spent on three new national Centres of Excellence led by Monash University.

The Federal Government has released details some have been waiting to see since before the election – the Paid Parental Leave Scheme spruiked heavily by Tony Abbott and the Coalition.

A course is on in New South Wales which hopes to breed a generation of better councillors and local government leaders.

Rapid erosion of South Australia’s economy has fallen squarely on the shoulders of the state’s Premier and Treasurer, which happen to be the same person.

Australian newlyweds will receive a $200 voucher for marriage counselling in a Federal Government effort to keep couples together for life.

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