An architecture and design firm has put out plans for massive development in Australia's north, in a town where crocodiles outnumber humans 1,000 to one.

A scholarship will allow three inspiring Indigenous students to study at two of the world’s most prestigious universities.

Two stories this week suggest federal public servants may want brush up on their tech skills.

A noxious club culture allowed a “toxic cell” of high-level staff at Public Transport Victoria (PTV) to thrive.

Councils in Victoria have six distinct demands for the winner of the upcoming state election.

The Australian Centre of Excellence for Local Government has put together a handy toolkit to help outback councils improve their community engagement.

The Federal Government’s school chaplaincy program will go ahead, but has been changed to get around a High Court decision.

The Local Government Association of Queensland wants its road money, slamming a bickering Senate for delaying the vital funds.

More than 190 delegates are at the Local Government Water Management Conference this week, and the president of Local Government NSW has taken an opportunity to put the hard word on the Water Minister.

One of the key architects of Australian water law says clear environmental efforts are being muddied.

The worldwide practice of burning garbage creates more pollutants that many presumed.

Feedback is open for those wanting to make submissions on upcoming Murray–Darling watering strategy reforms.

The NSW Opposition says documents revealing harmful spills of pollutants should be publicly available.

The former boss of Sydney Ferries has been jailed for using his work credit card to splurge on cars, holidays and renovations.

Federal industry minister Ian MacFarlane is working on a plan for a national gas network.

One New South Wales council has clearly stated its opposition to dangerous gas mining.

The Western Australian Government has announced an inquiry into suicides among fly-in, fly-out (FIFO) workers.

Public sector workers live longer than most other Australian workers, recent stats show.

Councils will feel the strain of changes to Federal Assistance Grants this week as new indexing arrangements come into play.

An army of small businesses running free from red tape could be the way for Western Australia to deal with a reduction in mining jobs.

One regional capital and its residents will have to move, as rising sea levels bring oceanfront views too close for comfort.

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