The NSW Government has announced a public inquiry into Central Coast Council.

A former PM has called for the Darwin Port lease to a Chinese company to be reviewed.

A Victorian MP is pushing for the state government to stop using 1080 poison.

A Melbourne council is reflecting on its first year of FOGO bins.

A council insurance scheme is assisting areas worst hit by Cyclone Seroja in WA.

Floodwaters have flowed into the Menindee Lakes for the first time in five years.

Traditional owners have met with the Murray-Darling Basin Authority and the Commonwealth Environmental Water Holder.

The Northern Territory Government is spending $28 million on improving water quality in remote areas.

Green energy is now powering a central water pipeline in South Australia.

Regulators have approved planned costs for upgrading the Victoria to New South Wales Interconnector.

The Federal Government has decided to extend telehealth services until the end of 2021.

The NSW government is paying $100 million to stop coal mining on prime agricultural land.

The Northern Territory has torn up a $1.3 million contract for a Beetaloo Basin fracking study.

Radar satellites could become a central part of natural disaster planning.

The Federal Government has torn up Victoria’s Belt and Road agreements with China.

New South Wales councils have launched a new locally-led jobs plan.

Queensland's council lobby wants an independent inquiry into the dismissal of the former Logan City Council.

Locals are being kept in the dark over a major development in Moreton Bay.

Councils have welcomed parts of the Federal Government’s National Plastics Plan 2021.

The Victorian Government has opened its $100 million Ballarat GovHub.

A giant joint project is seeking federal approval to drill up to 7,700 new gas wells in Queensland.

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