The Commonwealth is putting down another $10 Million to convince voters to say “Yes” to the Local Government Referendum on 14 September.

Minister for Regional Development and Local Government Anthony Albanese says $500,000 will be apportioned to promoters of the case against amending Australia’s constitution to recognise Local Government.

The 20:1 split is welcome news to Local Government Association of South Australia David O’Loughlin.

“This funding is further evidence of the bipartisan support, in fact multiparty support, from Australia’s representatives in the Federal Parliament, to constitutionally recognise direct funding between the Commonwealth and Local Government, for the benefit of local communities.”

O’Loughlin says he’s worked with direct federal funding before in his role as mayor of Prospect, SA, and it’s better for local governments.

“South Australians have received the benefits of the direct funding over the years and it is appropriate we all join together as one to protect the funding stream, to fight for the right to make local decisions about how our federal taxes are spent on local roads, local sporting clubs, local community facilities, stormwater recycling projects or any number of worthy local projects."