The South Australian Government has announced it will commit $100 million to fund to improve road safety across the state in this year’s Budget. 

Premier and Treasurer JayWeatherill said safer communities require safer roads, with this year’s Budget continuing the Government’s commitmentto reducing the road toll.

The dedicated fund will be created from a contribution provided by the Motor Accident Commission, after unexpectedly strong investment performances this year.

“This investment ensures that SouthAustralian motorists, cyclists and pedestrians are the beneficiaries of MAC’s strong performance,” MrWeatherill said.

The Government has identified road safety projects totalling $52.4millionto be provided from the fund.

“The remainder ofthe funds will be held in a special account which will be invested by the Governmentin other road safety initiatives,” MrWeatherill said.

“Those initiatives will be determined following the advice of a group of road safety, community and industry representatives, in conjunction with a representative from MAC.”