Nearly 900 submissions have been lodged by respondents to a survey carried out as part of the "Learning in Local Government Project" being undertaken by the Australian Centre of Excellence for Local Government.

Preliminary findings indicate that respondents are extremely interested in future training which provides detailed information about other councils’ work and innovations, particularly in individual professional areas. Respondents are also interested in learning about strategy and vision, as well as exploring alternate service delivery options. Time constraints due to work pressures and access to funding were common barriers to participating further in education and professional development.

Respondents reported that the most commonly utilised form of training is full day seminars both within and outside of their own councils, and information in written form is most commonly accessed through professional publications. Membership of professional associations was variable across different professions, with an overall membership of respondents at less than half.

A full analysis of the findings is underway, with a draft report being prepared for the National Workforce Development Forum to be held in April.