The Australian Local Government Association (ALGA) has welcomed the Federal Government’s decision to discuss and clarify how the proposed carbon tax will affect ratepayers.


ALGA President Genia McCaffery has said that while the association supports the pricing of carbon in a market-based approach, the ALGA will need  further market modelling and negotiations before full support is offered for the legislation. 

"It is clear that waste management will cost more. Waste is covered by the scheme but legacy waste is excluded. Determining how to measure carbon pollution from waste, such as emissions from landfills, is not so clear," Ms McCaffery said.


"We are concerned that there appears to be no standard method for measuring emissions from landfills and estimation methods are unreliable. Also, the costs of waste-related pollution will have to be met by landfill operators including many local councils, which will then ultimately need to be passed on to ratepayers."


ALGA says it will be working the Federal Government to resolve technical issues surrounding waste-related pollution and provide local councils with a better understanding of carbon management.