Psychological research has shown that some personalities create a clear OHS risk.

A study of more than 1400 professionals across a range of industries found there is a strong correlation between a person’s measurable personality and values and their approach to safety at work.

The survey, undertaken by an OHS support firm, found that the personality traits associated with better safety behaviours include; prudence, patience, fairness, diligence, social boldness and a tendency to value security.

The results suggested men had a better grasp of safety at work. It said women seemed less likely to participate in OHS practices and more likely to disobey their organisation’s rules.

Workers over the age of 45 tended to display more safety consciousness and attentiveness to safe behaviour than younger workers.

While the review covered a range of industries, it did have some interesting findings in specific fields.

It found that workers in utilities (water, gas and electricity) industries and local government sector had the highest overall safety behaviours.

State government employees tended to be less safety-conscious and compliant than local government. Researchers said it may be explained by a higher prevalence of office jobs in state government, which like professional services, arts, media and communications are less concerned with safety compared with other industries.

Local government roles involve physical labour and onsite jobs, which tend to attract and require more safety-consciousness.

The survey was performed by the private OHS consultancy group, WHS Solutions.