Queensland’s Crime and Corruption Commission (CCC) has announced it will not pursue charges against any elected official from the Gold Coast council.

Gold Coast Mayor Tom Tate welcomed the decision, but says the long-running investigation into allegations of corruption has caused stress to councillors.

The CCC's began Operation Yabber about 16 months ago to investigate claims of corrupt conduct by councillors and senior employees.

The claims included an alleged failure to declare conflicts of interest by numerous councillors and staff, gifts, claims that benefits were received by councillors from proposal applicants, and misuse of council funds.

The CCC says it will publish a detailed report into the investigation in January.

Councillor Tate's conduct is still the subject of investigation by the Office of the Independent Assessor (OIA), which is looking into his alleged failure to meet obligations under legislation governing local governments.

“Since the establishment of the OIA, I think I've been referred about 58 times,” he said.

“They've all been dismissed. It'll be part of the process.:

The OIA investigates and assesses complaints about councillor conduct and prosecutes misconduct offences via the Councillor Conduct Tribunal.

The CCC recommended Gold Coast City Council chief executive Dale Dixon discipline the Mayor's chief of staff, Wayne Moran, who was stood down last month.

It is unknown why Mr Moran was stood down, and Cr Tate says he does not know where the disciplinary process is at.

“That's an ongoing process and I don't have the detail on that,” he said.

The CCC also asked the council to strengthen its corruption prevention framework.

“I will talk it through with the CEO to see whether there is anything additional to be tightened,” Cr Tate said.