Authorities are working on a proposal for an Indigenous Centre for Excellence in Broken Hill, which would help create and propagate Indigenous culture, business and ideas.

Regional Development Australia (RDA) has put up the plan to create a gallery, workshop, training and education facilities.

RDA Far West executive officer Michael Williams says the centre would be a focal point for the creative, lively and varied output of all Indigenous groups in the area. He has reportedly met with artists, community members and commercial enterprises to try and get some momentum behind the plan.

He said what began as a small idea for an art shop has become a plan that could help the whole community.

“It started as a retail opportunity for our local Indigenous artists to be able to have somewhere to display and sell their arts and crafts, and it's really gone through a lot of different phases now to become a centre for excellence where we would look at not only the retail arm of a gallery but an interactive workshop space that allows them to make a career from the things they actually love doing,” Mr Williams said.

“The local artists are really keen to have that outlet where they're able to display their work and possibly sell their work, which will then provide some sort of income for them,” he said.

“We've had conversations with quite a few artists and RDA have been doing quite a bit of work with the Men's Shed at the community centre... the feedback we've received so far has been very, very positive.”

Broken Hill residents are being asked to put forth their own ideas and contributions to get the Indigenous Centre for Excellence off the ground.

Anyone wishing to make a submission or proposal for the Centre can contact RDA Far West via their website