The City of Perth has committed to undertake capital works valued at almost $80 million in the next financial year as part of its 2011/12 budget.


Lord Mayor Lisa Scaffidi said the Council’s budget included a carefully planned mix of city enhancements and projects to benefit future generations.


Funding to complete the Forrest Place redevelopment is ongoing and funding for commencement of a very significant civil project, the new City of Perth Library and plaza, are key points to note.    There is also provision for construction of an affordable rental housing project for key city workers in East Perth.


“This Budget highlights the Council’s considered approach to the rapid growth Perth is experiencing and Council’s desire to provide quality facilities catering for an expanding residential population,” Ms Scaffidi said. 


“The City of Perth is in a period of implementing and carefully managing major city changes.”


Some of the main projects to be funded in this year’s budget include:

  • New City of Perth Library and public plaza   $14.4m
  • Affordable rental housing project, East Perth  $7.3m
  • Forrest Place redevelopment      $7m
  • Wellington St (Perth City Link infrastructure)   $2.1m
  • New and replacement street CCTV equipment $635,000         


“The city’s growth, along with the Council’s astute financial management, has been a contributing factor to containing rate increases for 2011/12 to an average of 5.05% across all classes,” the Lord Mayor said.


“The increase, which is necessary to fund increasing operating costs and ongoing capital works in our capital city, is likely to be at the lower end of all proposed rises for local governments across Western Australia.


“However, ratepayers will generally be paying more in dollar terms due to triennial property revaluations provided by the State Government’s Landgate agency.  Council rates are based on the gross rental value of properties.


“The City has attempted to neutralise some of the impacts of these higher valuations by adjusting its differential rating system to align the rate in the dollar more closely with costs applicable to each rate class. Hotel, Retail and Commercial ratepayer classes have now been combined into one ‘Commercial’ category.


“The Council’s rates base has grown as development of the city occurs and new buildings come on stream.  However, like most organisations, the City has had to contend with rising costs and charges, such as State Government utility charges.”


Differential rates for 2011/12, based on the predominant purpose for which the land is held, are:

  • Commercial, 4.600 cents in the dollar
  • Office, 2.420 cents in the dollar
  • Residential, 3.677 cents in the dollar
  • Vacant land, 4.840 cents in the dollar


The application of the above rates will see some significant reductions in rate assessments for properties in the former commercial and retail categories.


The minimum rate applicable will be $560 per annum.


Due to rising costs, the City will need to increase some fees and charges.


In City of Perth off-street car parks there will be an average increase of a little under 3%, although this will vary from car park to car park due to rounding of coinage. On-street parking will increase by 10 cents an hour.  However, CPP Parking Card users will enjoy a 5% discount on their parking purchases and there is a discount for customers who purchase monthly permit holders in bulk ––  5% for 5-10 bays, 10% for 11-20 bays and 15% for more than 20 bays.