South Australian councils want lottery proceeds to pay for heritage building preservation.

Local Government Association SA president Lorraine Rosenberg says the significant revenue generated by lotteries could “provide support for the management of heritage sites that provide economic and tourism benefits”.

The UK has a Heritage Lottery fund that has generated over $71 billion for 39,000-plus projects since 1994.

In WA, money from Lotterywest is used to pay for heritage site preservation and public education.

“What we are asking parties to consider is committing to ... scope the benefits ... (of) establishing a heritage fund supported through lotteries revenue in South Australia,” Cr Rosenberg said.

The idea is just one of a series put out by LGA in its 2018 state election platform – ‘South Australia. Uncapped Potential’.

“We are a partner in government and part of the solution, and could achieve even better outcomes in partnership with the State Government if appropriately resourced,” Cr Rosenberg said.

“Our election platform outlines the opportunities and partnerships we will discuss with candidates and parties in the lead up to next year’s state election.”

The LGA is asking any and all candidates to:

  • Support local democracy and oppose rate capping
  • Address and reverse state government cost shifting to councils
  • Support local government to identify and drive its own reform agenda
  • Enhance South Australia’s competitiveness as a place to do business
  • Provide support for regional planning and development
  • Increase funding for infrastructure
  • Put local planning decisions back into the hands of communities
  • Better manage infill development
  • Strengthen support for state and local heritage
  • Support South Australian councils to advocate for increased federal funding
  • Better promote tourism and culture
  • Improve facilities, infrastructure and services
  • Strengthen public health partnerships
  • Provide targeted financial support for vulnerable groups
  • Support local climate change adaptation actions
  • Increase funding for coast and stormwater management
  • Promote innovative energy generation and use