Some Queensland councils are trialling a system that will see their websites turned into portals for all local services.

Three rural councils are on board for the program designed to give residents a better online experience, with developers creating ‘Plus More’ portals for the Murweh, Goondiwindi and Charters Towers shires.

The Queensland Government-funded scheme aims to create a ‘one-stop’ website to deliver local information and connect people with businesses.

“If, for example, you're wanting to promote local tourism, what we've seen with websites is that you've got sites that sit in isolation,” web designer and project co-creator Mark Miller has told the ABC.

“This is a system that pulls that all together, it doesn't reinvent the wheel but we pull it all together and we make it interactive so we make it a real strong interactive component in towns.

“You can go online, you can search for a plumber, mining companies can use this system to promote procurement, their procurement systems ... smart phone people that are interested, it will fax them, it will ring them, it will do whatever we need to do to get in contact with them all through the system,” he said.