Darwin City Council has banned all single-use plastics at events and market stalls on council land.

The ban will apply from January 1, 2019, and extend to helium balloons on council land too.

Alderman Emma Young says more details are coming soon.

“[Stall holders] will still have plates, they'll still have knives and forks — they just won't be plastic,” she told the ABC.

“At this point in time … there's a lot more opportunities to purchase environmentally friendly products which used to be cost prohibitive but aren't any more.

“It's nationwide, it's worldwide to actually be looking at how we reduce our impact, particularly in the oceans and to do with our marine life, which is heavily impacted across the world.”

Plastic alternatives like organic material or bioplastics require commercial composting facilities for processing; something Darwin does not have.

“In the short-term, [the alternatives] may go to landfill. What we are discussing and looking at is the long-term benefit,” said Michelle Harle from Waste Free NT.

“Part of the solution needs to be a commercial composting facility.

“Obviously the best solution is having reusables and a wash station.”