The Queensland Services Union says with council de-amalgamations around the state, redundancies will happen, and they would like to know where and when.

A spokesperson for the Union said this week that hundreds of staff will spill from the consolidated council areas back to the former jurisdictions. Justine Moran from the Services Union said councils in the Noosa, Douglas, Mareeba and Livingstone regions expect to receive more staff than they will need, making some redundancies inevitable.

Ms Moran says Local Government Minister David Crisafulli needs to respond to their calls to give some kind of certainty to workers.

“One of the issues that we've looked at to try and relieve some of the uncertainty for members is to get a commitment from the Minister to see that redundancies be paid, if there's a determination there will be redundancies at the receiving council,” Ms Moran said

“We've written to the Minister seeking a meeting with him... to date we've had no correspondence back from him, which is quite disappointing and a little bit disturbing, especially when there are a lot of people's futures at stake here.”

Meanwhile, the Livingstone Shire Council in central Queensland is being de-amalgamated, but the person in charge says there will be no job cuts for the short-term.

Graeme Kanofski is in charge of the merger backflip. He says he can place everyone from Rockhampton Regional Council in a job, and has a chart to prove it.

“The new council has got to adopt a new budget in January and they'll need to match their budget as against the structure of the council,” he said

“We received advice from Rockhampton Regional Council that 393 full-time equivalent positions were coming over to Livingstone

“Following that, I placed all of those people in an organisational chart.”