Tasmania’s Derwent Valley Council is investigating a mysterious cull of 16 birds.

The internal investigation has been launched to find out why the council was not consulted about a decision to cull 14 geese and two ducks at New Norfolk's Tynwald Park.

The Derwent Valley Council said it had been made of issues with the removal of geese from the park over the weekend.

“A number of complaints from the community about excessive bird droppings together with ongoing damage to the playing field over the last couple of months led to council officers discussing how to remedy the situation at Tynwald Park,” the council said in a Facebook post.

“The licensed pest management company employed the use of a chemically laced bait which resulted in 14 geese and two ducks being destroyed.

“No native species were destroyed.”

Derwent Valley Mayor Ben Shaw said he wants “answers for the community”.

“Some geese have been removed and subsequently died in that process and whether that was ordered or whether that happened in the process is what we are still trying to get to the bottom of,” he said.

Cr Shaw said council found out about culls on social media.

“It's really distressing for the councillors and elected members as well to have this pop up without any notice and we haven't discussed removing or culling or anything of geese in this area,” Cr Shaw said.

“For us not to even have a hand in relocating them is pretty scary, so we really need to make sure the general manager and staff is consulting elected members on big decisions like this.”

Animal Liberation spokesperson Kristy Alger said the animals died unnecessarily.

“It's deeply concerning that a council officer can simply make the decision that, based on a couple of complaints about a little bit of poo in an area, they can just go and kill these animals,” she told the ABC.

“There are so many other solutions that could have been approached surrounding this such as fencing the park area, asking the people not to feed ducks too close to the park area or simply cleaning it up.”