The Federal Government has put up more than $860 million for the next round of the Indigenous Advancement Strategy’s (IAS) funding grants.

The IAS is aimed at getting children to school, adults into work and ensuring communities are safe.

Minister for Indigenous Affairs, Nigel Scullion, says the money will be used by 964 organisations to deliver 1297 projects throughout Australia.

“Our approach through this funding round has provided an opportunity to ensure the large sums of taxpayers’ funds invested in Indigenous Affairs are directed to support key objectives and focus on achieving outcomes,” Minister Scullion said.

“The latest Closing the Gap report delivered last month is both a lesson in how bad things have become and reinforce the need for a new approach.

“If we keep doing as we have done, we will get the same result. For the first time in decades we have had a holistic look at the myriad of services and projects being funded to ensure future funding is geared towards achieving change on the ground that improves the lives of individuals and communities.

“I have been very mindful in making decisions about grants of the need to support Indigenous organisations and employment.

“In some cases organisations have been funded to continue delivering the services they currently are; in other cases, they have been funded for a mix of existing and new projects,” the Minister said.