The Victorian State Government has announced its intentions to review the current boundaries of the Latrobe City Council. 


The Victorian Local Government Minister Jeanette Powell has lodged a formal request for review to the Australian Electoral Commission (AEC)


The announcement of the review comes as the New Traralgon has pushed for the formation of a new council.


"One of the council's wards, the Burnet ward, will have a ratio of voters per councillor that is 16.2 per cent above the average ratio for the municipality by the next council election. This is significantly greater than the 10 per cent maximum prescribed by the legislation," she said.


The concerns of the citizens of Traralgon originates from the formation of a ‘lop sided’ 5-4 voting bloc which has resulted in perceived prejudices in Latrobe’s governance.


"There's some concern in the community about the 5-4 split in decisions that have been made over a number of years... particularly the community of Traralgon (believe) they're not getting their fair share. I've written now to the council and said that I'll bring forward the electoral review," she said.


"This review is in direct response to the petition New Traralgon submitted to parliament on 28 April. The people of Traralgon who signed will no doubt be pleased that their concerns have been noted by the Minister and will soon be addressed," New Traralgon spokesperson Axella Johannesson said.


"While it will address population growth in current wards which has caused some to be above the 10 per cent allowed by law, it will also investigate whether the current electoral structure remains responsible and accountable to the local community.”


The push for the creation of New Traralgon is centred on a petition signed by 3800 residents, mostly from Traralgon.