The Local Government Association of South Australia (LGA) has called for a review of exisiting local government election legislation, arguing that online voting is too expensive for council elections.


LGA CEO Wendy Campana said online voting had been a topic of debate for sometime and had been raised for consideration at the 2011 LGA General Meeting.


"Electronic voting trials by the Federal Government and in overseas jurisdictions and further discussions with the Electoral Commission SA reinforced the costs and the management of security risks, associated with introducing an online voting system for Local Government Elections, currently outweigh benefits," Ms Campana said.


"The costs are currently prohibitive, however, we will continue to monitor interstate and overseas models and if the time comes that online voting is introduced for Federal and State Elections we will then reconsider the issue."


Ms Campana said voter participation in 2010 was 32.88%, the second highest count since the 2000 introduction of postal voting in Local Government elections.


"This in itself is a promising result, particularly in a year when we competed with State and Federal elections for voter attention. However, the review is important in defining areas where improvement can be made."


The Review recommended:

  • The LGA Model Caretaker Policy and Caretaker Toolkit should be reviewed and revised before the 2014 Local Government Elections;
  • The Act should be amdended to clarify  the use of Council resources during the caretaker period;
  • Further review and amendment to the Act to clarify rules about  election signage;
  • A review of the provisions of the Act pertaining to retractions of published material; and,
  • A review of the Act in relation to the Candidates' website and website requirements for supplementary elections.