The New South Wales Government has assured council workers in the state that they will be not be affected by the proposed new public sector wage policy.


The assurances from Premier Barry O’Farrell followed concerns espressed by the United Services Union, which represents 50,000 of the state’s local government workers,  that the new IR reforms could result in serious damage to council worker’s wages and conditions.


The State Government’s IR reform will see the right to stipulate wages and conditions for state government employees given to the state, circumventing the Industrial Relations Committee which has traditionally handled wage and condition disputes. However, Mr O'Farrell has confirmed that the new laws will not affect local government workers.


"The wages policy we're seeking to follow is the wages policy that has been pursued for the past four years - it doesn't apply to local government employees," Mr O’Farrell said.


The state Shooters and Fishers Party and Christian Democrats are currently involved in discussions on whether to support the bill or make possible amendments to the laws. If they decide to support the bill, it could be passed today.