Most Victorian hunters cannot identify the type of ducks they are allowed to shoot. 

The Victorian Game Management Authority (GMA) is preparing its recommendations to the State Government for the 2021 duck season. 

The GMA requires shooters score 85 per cent on its Waterfowl Identification Test before they can hunt.

However, up to 80 per cent of applicants reportedly failed this test when it was run last December.

The GMA says the high failure rate will inform new education materials, but some say it is a sign that the hunt should not proceed. 

“Duck shooters cannot even do the single basic thing that they claim they are out there to do,” says Animal Justice Party MP Andy Meddick.

“How can you possibly continue to have a duck shooting season, let alone say that duck shooting should continue to survive in Victoria based on that.”

It is alleged that a number of Labor MPs, including senior Cabinet Ministers, have privately called for sport duck shooting to be banned. However, reports also say that Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews is strongly in favour of duck hunting. 

Duck hunting is banned in NSW, Queensland and Western Australia.

In 2019, Labor MPs Lizzie Blandthorn and Steve McGhie co-sponsored a successful motion that called for a review of the sport.

“Unfortunately, that review has not been conducted, maybe due to the coronavirus pandemic,” Mr McGhie said this week.

“We are fast approaching another duck hunting season and I think that review should be conducted ASAP.”