Outgoing President of the Local Government Association of South Australia (LGA) has urged the state’s councils to apply for a share in the $3 million in funding under the State Government’s program for household waste recycling.

The calls by Mr McHugh comes after the State Minister for Sustainability and the Environment, Ian Hunter, announced the second tranche of the $6 million funding program first announced in 2010 under the Kerbside Performance Incentives program.

All South Australian Councils are eligible to apply for funds under the $3 million over two years commitment to assist Local Government in the implementation of food waste systems and reduce the amount of food waste going to landfill.

"The funds are being made available through Zero Waste SA and we are pleased to see these grants continue, which means that a small portion of the Solid Waste Levy is being returned to Councils for waste management," Mayor McHugh said.

"South Australian's are fantastic recyclers and where the food waste diversion systems are in place Councils have had a good community response."

Mayor McHugh said the household food recycling system involves a range of collection methods including a ventilated bench caddy, lined with biodegradable cornstarch bags, to take food scraps, which is then placed in the green waste (garden waste) bin for collection.

"Apart from the environmental benefit of removing kitchen organics from landfill, blending food waste with garden waste produces lovely rich compost," he said.

"About 3.3 kilos of kitchen food waste is generated by the average household each week, removing that from landfill reduces the production of methane gas at landfill and helps Councils to meet the State Government's landfill reduction targets of a 25% reduction by 2014."

Councils will be able to apply for funds up to a maximum of $19 per household.