A Melbourne council’s meat-free Monday policy has angered local farmers.

Moreland City Council has voted to remove meat from the catering of any council-run event on Mondays.

It comes just days after the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) released a report showing meat-based diets cause more pollution than other diets.

Moreland City Council has declared a “climate emergency”, and Mayor Natalie Abboud says meat-free Mondays are just one way to help battle climate change.

“I think it's acceptable that we put our mouths where our money is,” she said.

Meat producer Steven Castle from Koallah Farm in south-west Victoria described the move as a “stunt”, and has come up with a stun of his own.

The company is offering a discount and free delivery for meats purchased by residents living in the Moreland municipality.

“It's laughable that these public servants can sit in their climate-controlled, inner-city offices mounting an argument that eating less meat is the way to reduce climate change,” he said.