Keep Australia Beautiful has published its National Litter Index 2011 report which has found a slight decrease in the national litter rate across the 983 in the 2010/11 period.


The report collates data from various sites around the country with an aim to publish an annual report on the data collected.


The average number of items across all sites surveyed in the 2010/11 National Litter Index was 61 per 1,000m2, while the average estimated volume was 6.49 litres per 1,000m2. These figures represent a decrease in the number of items and volume on the previous year (66 items and 7.55 litres per 1000m2).


The reduction in some litter items may be attributed to the exceptionally wet conditions experienced in many areas of Australia early in 2011. This will have simply washed away the lighter litter items from the streets, into nearby storm water drains and waterways away from the survey sites.


Cigarette butts were the most frequently identified litter item, whilst plastic litter objects contributed the largest amount of volume to the litter stream. The largest number of items were located within retail sites, industrial sites and shopping centres, while the largest volumes of litter objects were found at industrial and highway sites.


More information can be found here