A fist has allegedly been thrown across the levels of Tasmanian Government - with a regional councillor accusing the Deputy Premier of punching him in the face.

Northern Midlands councillor Ian Goninon claims that after a verbal altercation at last Saturday night’s AFL Grand Final in Melbourne, Tasmanian Deputy Premier Bryan Green cracked him in the nose.

Security footage from the event shows no scuffle and security guards made no reports or observations, Melbourne Cricket Club representatives said this week.

Councillor Goninon has reportedly sought legal advice over the incident, but the Deputy Premier says it did not happen and should now be put to bed.

Questions have been raised over the presence of all parties at the game that night, with reports it cost $4,000 to send three ministers, one staffer and two Tasmanian Tourism delegates to official functions on the day.

Tasmanian Greens leader Nick McKim was asked what he thought sending elected official to sports games on taxpayers’ money actually achieves, he responded: “I reckon they achieve watching a good game of footy, which it was on Saturday.”

Mr McKim also questioned the purpose of the Tasmanian Government sponsoring a football team for over $15 million when it is not in financial hardship, or even in the same state.