The New South Wales State Government has pledged to conduct a two-year review to assess the state’s infrastructure repair needs.


Speaking at the opening of the NSW Shires Association conference, Premier Barry O’Farrell promised that the two-year audit would identify “infrastructure needs in every local government area”. The  audit was announced by the Liberal Party at the election as one of its major objectives within its first 100 days of office.


The planned council-by-council audit will investigate the needs of each major asset currently maintained by local government, including sporting areas, roads, community halls, libraries and water facilities.


The four major objectives of the audit are to:

  • Provide council funding for internal auditing
  • Assist councils in long-term infrastructure asset management and financial planning
  • Assist in council debt management
  • Help Councils with training in financial planning and asset management.

"The findings of the audit will assist the government identify precisely where the infrastructure needs lie, and in putting together that state infrastructure strategy that we are determined to put in place," Mr O'Farrell said at the opening.


Mr O’Farrell said that without an accurate audit of individual council requirements, state funds would be mis-allocated.