The NSW Government will introduce new legislation to get around a land court ruling and keep the Springvale mine open.

The Springvale Mine is the sole source of coal to the Mount Piper Power Station, which itself provides 15 per cent of the state’s power.

The mine faces closure after the Land and Environment Court found that planning authorities applied the wrong test when it granted approval.

The NSW Government says it will introduce legislation for the mine to remain open, which it considers vital for local employment.

Conservationists say the State Government has not explained its rationale for defying the court ruling and allowing the mine to remain open.

They are also concerned about salty discharges from the mine making their way into Cox's River, and eventually Sydney's drinking water.

But on the political level, there is very little opposition.

Paul Toole, the Member for Bathurst, welcomed the legislation.

“This legislation is going to ensure that the court ruling will be non-valid,” he said.

“It means that the situation will see the coal mine continuing to operate and the power stations continuing to work across the state keeping lights on.”

He said it would secure more than 600 jobs in the region.

Opposition Leader Luke Foley says he will study the proposed legislation, but that he backs the move to secure the mine's future.

The Construction, Forestry, Mining and Energy Union (CFMEU) says it will not get excited until it sees the legislation.