Shires across New South Wales have agreed to form a single association representing local government in the state.

The Shires Association of NSW convened a special meeting to vote on its merger with the Local Government Association (LGA).

More than 150 representatives from 78 shires met in Sydney to finalise the 27 principles first agreed to at the Local Government and Shires Associations (LGSA) One Association Convention in August last year.

Shires Association president Bruce Miller said he was pleased with the outcome of the meeting.

“There was some terrific debate throughout the day, but right from the start, the general consensus for moving to one association was overwhelming,” Cr Miller said.

“It’s long been acknowledged that we need one voice representing Local Government in NSW, to effectively lobby the state and federal government on Local Government issues.”

Cr Miller said all shires present at the meeting were given a change to share their opinions, regardless of their population size or location.

LGA also endorsed the 27 principles, voting overwhelming in favour of the merger at their annual conference in Albury last October.


Councils and shires are now considering a draft constitution for the new Association, which will require formal endorsement by all members of both associations at future annual conferences.