The NT Government has called for help to deliver over a billion dollars’ worth of housing.

It will need almost half the costs covered to deliver its pledge for a $1.1-billion housing program for remote Indigenous communities over the next decade.

The Territory says it is “at the table” with the Federal Government for extra money to prepare land for new houses to be built.

But the government has been keen to show that the “Room to Breathe” program is underway, holding six promotional media events in seven months.

The first steps have seen seven houses in Ramingining - a community of 800 people - get an extra room.

The NT Government last year pledged to spend $50 million a year on new homes in remote communities, but has not set a firm timeframe for the beginning of the full program, or said how many new houses the program will deliver.

It is reportedly in talks with traditional owners as well as the Commonwealth on ways to free up more land in remote areas.

The Territory’s 2017/18 budget includes $45 million for land servicing, but the Chief Minister says at least half a billion dollars will be needed for land preparation over the 10-year life of the program.

The NT Government is hoping the Commonwealth will cover as much as half the infrastructure costs.