A Shire Council has put together a draft Mining and Extractive Industries Policy, which seeks to protect landowners who do not want coal seam gas wells on their property.

The Narrabri Shire Council is putting its Extractive Industries policy on public display for further amendments and feedback. Mayor Conrad Bolton wants locals to have their say on plans to support landholders who refuse coal seam gas extraction on their land.

A clause which bolsters the residents’ individual property rights when dealing with unwelcome drilling, exploration, or extraction has been included.

Mayor Bolton says the policy will allow those who want to see the benefits of gas extraction on their lands to do so, but also supports the rights and wishes of those who worry about the potential impacts.

“As representatives of our local community it's important we actually support and protect our community from industries than can come in and just through legislation run over the top of us,” the Mayor said,

“You find the mines that want to come in have that attitude as well, and the state government has that attitude as well, but they don't have it in writing.”

He says the policy does not stand against coal seam gas extraction and mineral exploration drilling, but does give a solid framework both for individuals and industry.

“Well, basically, one of the strong things that we have in there is that it's not about denying extractive industry to operate, but telling them they're welcome, as long as they operate in a safe manner in regard to the environment and with full respect to our community,” Mayor Bolton said.

More information about Narrabri’s mining and gas stance, as well as copies of the relevant papers is available through their website.