Plans to reshape local government in Tasmania and deliver efficiencies and cost savings have been released for public comment.


The reforms, shaped by an independent panel appointed by the 12 southern councils, will be announced in October,  including a recommendation on a structure which would improve local government services, efficiency and influence.


There has already been extensive consultation between councils and major business and community organisations and an opinion poll commissioned by the Southern Tasmanian Council Authority shows strong public support for council mergers and resource sharing.


A mega-council plan is one of four proposals outlined today by the expert panel of former Brisbane City Council chief executive Jude Munro, well-known economist Saul Eslake, and former chief executive of the City of Salisbury in South Australia, Stephen Hains.


The other proposals are:

  • Keeping the status quo of 12 councils but with a joint body to take over functions such as planning and procurement.

  • A greater Hobart council created from Hobart, Glenorchy, Brighton, most of Clarence and the urban area of Kingborough.

  • Reducing the councils to five -- Eastern Shore made up of Clarence, Brighton and the urban part of Sorell (about 80,000 people), the Western Shore comprising Hobart, Glenorchy and urban Kingborough (about 125,000), South East Coast or Tasman comprising the rural part of Sorell, Tasman, Glamorgan-Spring Bay, and the eastern part of Southern Midlands (about 11,000), and D'Entrecasteaux comprising Huon Valley and the rural part of Kingborough (about 18,000).


Further information about the planned reforms is available at