Independent Cairns MP Rob Pyne has apologised to Queensland Parliament over his attack on Deputy Premier Jackie Trad.

Mr Pyne tabled documents accusing Ms Trad of intimidating him after his claims of widespread local government corruption last year.

Ms Trad rejected the allegations, and now Speaker Peter Wellington has ruled that the documents are no longer considered tabled, as Ms Trad had volunteered to appears before the Ethics Committee.

Mr Pyne, has offered an unreserved apology to Parliament.

“Despite taking advice to ensure process was followed, I made a mistake in seeking to table documents that contained material about the Deputy Premier and matters that may have been referred to the Ethics Committee,” he said.

“I made a mistake that the Speaker has rightfully brought to my attention.

“I unreservedly apologise to the House for this mistake in potentially breaching section 271, by seeking to table documents that contained information previously provided in this place."

Mr Wellington has withdrawn his referral of Mr Pyne – who left the Labor party earlier this year - to the Ethics Committee.

“As a result of the Member for Cairns' prompt and unreserved apology, I will now vacate my earlier referral of the member to the Ethics Committee,” Mr Wellington said.