Queensland councils are joining forces to improve water and sewage assets.

The development of water and sewerage assets in 30 QLD councils will soon be guided by regional design and construct codes which aim to minimise time and cost involved in processing development applications for developers and councils.

In the Wide Bay Burnett region, the regional approach to developing the code is estimated to have saved participating councils, and their communities, $300,000.

Bundaberg, Cherbourg, Fraser Coast, Gympie and North and South Burnett councils will share the code across planning departments, which includes minimum standard assurance for asset life and service standards.

Developers and councils in Queensland’s south east, north, and far north also have a regional code to reduce the differences between asset requirements between councils.

Local Government Association of Queensland Planning and Development Lead Crystal Baker said the initiatives were entirely voluntary and an example of councils joining forces to find efficiencies.

“We are seeing these types of collaboration pop up all over the State,” she said.

“Transparent standardisation for developers and communities saves time and money.”

The areas can be seen in the map below.