The Queensland Government has announced that it has simplified guidelines for making and amending planning schemes following a council and industry feedback period.


Minister for State Development, Jeff Seeney, said that the changes would significantly cut red tape and empower local governments.


“This reform is part of this government’s overhaul of the planning system,” Mr Seeney said.


“The new Statutory Guideline 02/12 Making and Amending Local Planning Instruments (MALPI) guideline sets out a clear process for councils to follow when seeking to make or amend planning schemes and local planning instruments.

“It sets out both the local and state government’s obligations and timeframes for their fulfilment. 

“The revised process empowers local governments to make decisions, and reduces intervention by the state government in local planning matters.”


 Key changes include:

  • The Department of State Development, Infrastructure and Planning will act on behalf of the Minister as the lead agency in the state interest review process. Removing the formal review process by the Minister will save time for the state agency liaison process
  • The second state interest review process has been removed, which saves 25 business days
  • There were previously provisions that caused a draft instrument to lapse if certain timeframes were not met. These timeframes have been removed, to give local governments more flexibility, and take into account council processes such as recess periods and committee meeting dates
  • Empowering local governments to decide when an amendment to their planning scheme is of a ‘minor’ nature, and therefore can be processed by the council as a minor amendment to the planning scheme
  • Simplifying the flowcharts that indicate the process for a scheme amendment.


A copy of the new Statutory Guideline 02/12 Making and amending local planning instruments can be obtained from