Queensland Liberal & National Party Leader, Campbell Newman, has released the LNP Property and Construction Strategy which claims a LNP government would ‘re-empower’ local councils in making planning decisions.


Mr Newman said the CanDo LNP Property and Construction Strategy looked at solutions to bring confidence and optimism back to an industry that had been underperforming under the Bligh Labor Government.


"The property and construction industry has been hammered by inefficient planning systems, Labor's underinvestment in infrastructure over the past 20 years, skill shortages, and an explosion in government regulation and red tape," he said.


"In addition, the costs and charges levied on new housing have gone through the roof under the tired, 20 year old Labor Government.


"The LNP strategy outlines our objective to ensure we have a vibrant and prosperous property and construction industry that not only creates jobs but delivers affordable homes for Queensland families."


Key features of the CanDo LNP Property and Construction Strategy include:

  • Leadership from Government through the establishment of a Cabinet Committee focused on property and construction chaired by the Queensland Treasurer;
  • Appoint a dedicated "go to" person for property and construction issues;
  • Addressing planning system inconsistencies and inefficiencies by fixing the Sustainable Planning Act and minimising the introduction of any new State Planning Policies and Regulatory Provisions;
  • Making affordable housing a goal of all planning schemes;
  • Re-introducing the stamp duty concession saving Queensland families $7,000 on average when buying a family home;
  • Repealing the Industry Waste Levy (waste tax) saving Queensland businesses an estimated $372 million over the next four years;
  • Winding back the Urban Land Development Authority and re-empowering Local Governments to make local planning decisions.


The Local Government Association of Queensland has welcomed the statement.


LGAQ President Paul Bell said the plan supported the position outlined in the LGAQ’s 10 Point Election Policy Plan that elected councillors must have the determining role in land use planning and the development assessment process.


“It is good that part of the upcoming state election campaign will centre on restoring the ability of local councils to properly influence planning decisions in the communities they represent,’’ Cr Bell said.


He said the LGAQ would work with the LNP to implement its property and construction strategy should it win government.


“We are open to reforming policy that affects this vital area of the economy but we will need to balance proposed changes with the capacity of councils and ultimately ratepayers to shoulder any extra debt burden, particularly in the area of infrastructure provision,’’ he said.