The Queensland Government has announced its $159 million Waste Avoidance and Resource Efficiency Fund has opened. The fund is aimed at assisting businesses to cut waste costs, develop new markets for recycled materials and crack down on illegal dumping and littering.


The State Government has also introduced an Industrial Waste Levy on commercial and industry waste sent to landfill.


“The levy, along with the $159 million Waste Avoidance and Resource Efficiency Fund, will help prevent dumping becoming the first option in Queensland.” State Environment Minister Vicky Darling said.


Ms Darling said in addition, a $100 million fund will go straight to councils.


”We are the only state to use waste levy revenue to generate a fund for the exclusive use of councils.


“In addition to the $100 million windfall, councils have already benefited and shared in $4 million in funding to improve infrastructure so they can be levy-ready.


“A further $13 million in grants is also on the table over the next two years for infrastructure improvements.


Ms Darling said the Waste Avoidance and Resource Efficiency Fund included a number of funding priorities including:

  • Stimulating investment in new and upgraded recycling and resource recovery infrastructure
  • Funding applied research and development of new waste processing technology and practices
  • Strengthening waste industry’s capacity to manage waste
  • Increasing regulation and compliance through online reporting system and higher penalties.


Further information on the waste reform package is available on the Department of Environment and Resource Management website